The absolute beauty of crystal stems from the perfect combination of the four elements which, according to ancient philosophers, give life to the entire universe

air, earth, water and fire

Mother earth supplies the raw materials – silicon powder and lead oxide – which the power of fire joins together indissolubly in the melting pot. The air, blown into the incandescent crystal by master glass-makers, gives crystal its first plastic shape which is then fixed by immersing it into water.
It is a process that draws its strength from nature and which finds its ultimate expression through the skilled work of man.

The selection and the combination of the basic ingredients and the careful supervision of the melting phase are key factors for the production of flawless crystal; then, it is the skill of the blowers and cutters that make each creation unique and irreplaceable.

Man and Nature, therefore, work in unison and their symbiosis is the only way to understand how at MARIO CIONI sand can by magic become a dream.